February 27, 2011

March 8, 2011


No one is around. I used photobooth…

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Mustache Beard Me

March 19, 2011

Shit yeah!

I won Freestyle Partial Beard at the All America City Beard and Moustache Contest 2011 (Get your beard on) in Somerville today. It was awesome. Becky was there as well as my friend Jess from back home and a bunch of other MassArt people (Tom, Anna, Jon and a few others) were there competing as well. Tom got top 3 in Full Beard Natural.

Anyways it was fun, and I totally have to go to Nationals now. Becky also said I get to get a tattoo because I won. Sweet.

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Tattoo Beard Mustache Moustache Competition Me

March 21, 2011

This is my favorite photo from the competition.

This is my favorite photo from the competition.

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Beard Mustache Competition Contest Somerville Me

March 22, 2011

Boston Beard Bureau

So I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. Winning this past weekend’s contest doesn’t help. But this summer I am going to work on organizing Boston’s local chapter of Beard Team USA. 

It involves getting together with other members in the area (usually with beer), as well as holding events and making announcements about Beard Team USA and world beard events. Of course other things would make this awesome. A website is usually up so people can buy merchandise and/or donate, a local log would also be awesome. 

I like the name Boston Beard Bureau simply because it’s alliteration. Anyone want to step up to the plate and donate some of their skills to help create this club? As of now I don’t have money for this to pay anyone simply because it doesn’t exist yet. Let’s make something great.

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Boston Beard Mustache Club Beard Team USA Local Chapter

March 23, 2011

National Beard Championships

Normally I would post this as a picture, but it is a large email. Here is the announcement for the National Beard and Mustache Championships. I’m so excited.

The date and place of the Second Annual $5000 Beard Team USA National Beard and Moustache Championships have now been set! 

The HUGE event will take place on October 8, 2011 at the Clipper Magazine Stadium in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  The stadium is the home of the Lancaster Barnstormers minor league baseball team.  It comes complete with two Jumbo-trons, VIP sky boxes for competitors, Hess’s BBQ,  etc.    And, a variety of delicious adult brewed beverages will be available as well.   Note that Columbus Day is Monday, October 10, so many people will have an extra day for travel.  (I realize this is not one of the two alternate dates previously announced.  Unforeseen problems came up with both of those dates, including the possibility that the Barnstormers would need the stadium for a playoff game.  Sorry for any inconvenience. )

The entry fee for contestants will be $40.  Admission for spectators will be $10.  Registration and tickets will be available online soon.  We will also have information on accommodations posted online shortly.

Lancaster is well known for its Amish community that has been growing beards for America in the surrounding area for over 200 years.  Participants in the Nationals will have a unique chance to experience Amish culture as part of the Nationals Weekend.

Schedule of events.  All times are tentative.

Thursday, Oct 6, 3:00 p.m. - Amish Camp begins at Hershey Farm Restaurant and Inn, Strasburg, Pennsylvania.  See below for details.

Friday, Oct 7, 5:00 p.m. - Meet-the-Amish Dinner at Hershey Farm Restaurant and Inn, Strasburg, Pennsylvania.  We will enjoy a typical Amish, family-style dinner with several 

Amish families as our guests.   Authentic shoofly pie and whoopie pie for dessert.  Weather permitting, we will be outdoors.  There will be volleyball (popular Amish pastime) before dinner and a campfire afterwards. 

Come early to enjoy the gardens, the pond area, farm animals, and gift shop and listen to Amish Camp veterans tell their stories. 

Note:  No alcohol will be served.  Also, Amish people prefer not to be photographed.  Please be respectful of this tradition.

Cost:  $27 per person, including tax and tip.  Registration online soon. 

Saturday, Oct 8 - Second Annual BTUSA National Beard and Moustache Championships

High noon - Contestants’ procession from downtown Lancaster to the stadium.  Stadium gates open.

 1:30 p.m.  - Preliminary judging begins.

5:30 p.m.  - Final judging and awards.  The best beards and moustaches in the country will receive cash prizes totaling $5000. 

Sunday, Oct 9, 11:00 a.m. - Annual Beard Team USA general meeting followed by picnic.  Location to be announced. 

Amish Camp:  This is an opportunity to be Amish for 24 hours!  Amish campers will report to the Hershey Farm and Restaurant at 3 p.m. on Thursday, October 6.  They will turn in their cellphones and other modern devices and exchange their usual clothes for authentic Amish wear. 

Camp activities include an Amish fashion show, birdhouse making or quilting lessons, shoofly pie baking,  a buggy ride, helping with chores on an Amish farms (rooster wake-up call!), and a lesson at an authentic Amish school. 

Lodging will be in an electricity-free environment.  (OK, I admit it, this part is a bit cheesy.  Campers will stay in regular motel rooms with the electricity turned off.  The Amish families who are part of this program just aren’t comfortable with “English” [that’s what they call us] staying in their homes.  Oh well.)  

Campers will be permitted to keep their shoofly pie and Amish headwear for free and may purchase the rest of their Amish clothing if they wish.

Here are the prices per person. They include lodging, three meals, all activities, tax, and tip:

                Single occupancy:           $213

                Double occupancy:          $151

                Triple occupancy:            $130

                Quad occupancy:            $120

Please note that participation in Amish camp is limited and is on a first-come, first-served basis.  The limitation is based on lodging space, so I would encourage people to double- , triple-, and quad-up.  You can register for Amish Camp now by making arrangements directly with Sherry Wertz at Hershey Farm.  Call Sherry at (800) 822-7866 or e-mail her at groupsales@hersheyfarm.com.

Rules for the Nationals.

I am attaching the rules for the Nationals.  With a few changes described below, these are the same as the rules we used in Bend, which were published on the internet. 

The full beard category has been divided into two categories - full beard groomed and full beard natural.  The judging criteria for the two categories are different, as you can read on the attachment.   This should make the number of contestants in each category closer to equal and also give those with outstanding-but-shorter full beards more of a chance to win. 

Also, the prize money will now be split among the top three finishers in each category, with the winner receiving $600, second place $300, and third place $100. 

This time those with beards will not be permitted to compete in the moustache category as they did in Bend. 

You will note that Rule 1 states, as it did for Bend, “The National Beard and Moustache Championships are open to all competitors, regardless of nationality, race, religion, or club or team affiliation.  I know some people wondered why non-Americans were permitted to compete in the Nationals in Bend.  I have explained that the officials have enough to do on competition day without checking people’s birth certificates.  (After all, we are not running for president here!)  More importantly, I want to emphasize inclusivity over exclusivity at this event.    I am delighted to welcome people from other countries if they want to come to our event.  After all, we are trying to promote friendship among beardsmen and women worldwide.  I think like giving people the opportunity to meet foreign competitors contributes to everyone’s enjoyment. Keep in mind, the National Hockey League allows non-American players and the US Open (golf and tennis) welcome foreigners as well. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Lancaster.  By the way, its pronounced LANK-uh-stir.  The first syllable rhymes with “bank.”  The rest of the word is like “astir.”  


Phil Olsen

Founder and self-appointed captain

Beard Team USA”

Also I am fully aware that this is becoming a beard blog. I am totally okay with that.

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BTUSA Beard Team USA Beard Mustache National Championships

National Championship Rules

Second Annual $5000 Beard Team USA

National Beard and Moustache Championships

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

October 8, 2011

Competition Rules

1. The National Beard and Moustache Championships are open to all competitors, regardless of nationality, race, religion, or club or team affiliation.

2. Competitors may register for the competition online at the event website until 5 p.m. on October 5, 2011. The fee for online registration is $40. Late registration will be available at the event. The fee for late registration is $50.

3. The competition will take place in five categories, which are described below. Each competitor will specify the category in which he wishes to compete when he registers. The organizers may transfer the competitor to another category at the organizers’ discretion.

4. By registering for the competition, all competitors give their permission to the organizers and to the organizers’ designees that the competitors may be photographed, videotaped, and tape recorded and further that the organizers and their designees may use the photographs, video tapes, and audio tapes of the competitor for any purpose including commercial purposes. Any competitor who does not agree to this provision must notify the organizers in writing before the start of the competition.

5. The judging will take place in two rounds, an elimination round to begin at 1:30 p.m. and a final round to begin at 5:00 p.m. Any competitor who does not appear when called to the stage will be eliminated.

6. In the elimination round, the competitors in each category will be divided into several different groups. To the extent possible each group of competitors in any category will consist of the same number of competitors. Each judge will vote for three competitors in each group. The three competitors receiving the most votes in each group will advance to the final round. In the case of a tie, all competitors with the same number of votes will advance to the finals. The results of the elimination round will not be announced until the beginning of the final round.

7. In the final round, each judge will rank the top three competitors in each category. A first place vote is worth five points, a second place vote is worth three points, and a third place vote is worth one point. The contestant with the highest number of points wins. In the event of a tie for any of the first three places, the judges will be asked to revote among the tied competitors.

8. The top three contestants in each category will receive trophies. Prize money of $1000 will also be awarded in each category, with $600 going to first place, $300 going to second place, and $100 going to third place.

9. The organizers reserve the right to modify these rules at any time. Any rule modifications will be announced publicly before the competition begins.

10. All decisions of the judges and organizers are final.

11. The judges will be required to take an oath to be impartial.

12. Discourteous, abusive, or unprofessional behavior by a contestant may lead to disqualification at the organizers’ discretion.

Competition Categories

There are five competition categories as follows:

Moustache – The moustache is the hair that grows on the upper lip but can also include hairs growing from elsewhere on the face that are a natural extension of the shape of the moustache. Therefore Fu Manchus, walruses, and horseshoe styles are all considered mustaches. Anyone with any facial hair that is not a moustache must compete in a different category. The organizers will determine in their sole discretion whether a competitor with a partially shaven face may compete in this category or partial beard. The judges will be asked to select the moustaches that best enhance the contestants’ overall appearance, style, and personality.

Partial beard – This category includes all styles of facial hair that are neither full beards nor solely moustaches. Examples are sideburns, van dykes, goatees, soul patches, mutton chops, and imperials. The judges will be asked to select the facial hair that best enhance the contestants’ overall appearance, style, and personality.

Full beard groomed –This category is for shorter full beards groomed by means of shaving, trimming, and/or the use of styling products. There must be an unbroken line of unshaven face from the temple to the chin to the other temple. The judges will be instructed to consider the quality of the grooming, noting in particular how well the grooming enhances the beard’s appearance.

Full beard natural – Portions of the cheeks can be partially shaved as can the neck, but there must be an unbroken line of unshaven face from the temple to the chin to the other temple. Trimming is allowed as are styling products, but this category is for fuller, longer full beards that have been allowed to achieve their natural fullness, size, and shape. The judges will be instructed to determine which beards best enhance the contestant’s overall appearance, style and personality.

Freestyle – Anything goes. In this category the judges will be asked to determine which contestant’s facial hair is the most creative and artistic.

Additional Judging Criteria

In all categories, the judges will be instructed to consider the overall condition and health of the facial hair, detail in styling if applicable, uniformity of color, thickness, symmetry, size including but not limited to length, and presentation.

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Beard Mustache National Championships BTUSA Rules